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Expert ImageProfessor Emeritus Eileen Barker
Inform (Information Network Focus on Religious Movements); Centre for the Study of Human Rights; Department of Sociology
Experience keywords: Sects; Minority rights; Cults; New Religious Movements; Religion

Expert ImageDr Francesca Borgonovi
Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE); Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: public policy; third sector; art and cultural policies; health; religion; social exclusion; wellbeing; social capital

Expert ImageDr Fenella Cannell
Department of Anthropology
Experience keywords: anthropology of Christianity; Mormonism; secularism; Catholicism; the lowland Philippines; kinship; religion; genealogy and gender healing and mediumship

Expert ImageDr Michael W Scott
Department of Anthropology
Experience keywords: myth-making; anthropological approaches to questions of being (ontology); ethnogenesis; cosmology; indigenous Christianities; religion; wonder; Melanesia; Oceania; place-making; personhood, sociality, and relatedness

Expert ImageProfessor John Sidel
Department of International Relations; Department of Government
Experience keywords: revolutions; Southeast Asia; democratization; Indonesia; terrorism; nationalism; religion; Philippines; Islam; violence; development; local politics

Expert ImageProfessor Charles Stafford
Department of Anthropology; Asia Research Centre
Experience keywords: Taiwan; ritual; social anthropology; China; religion; child development; economic psychology; anthropology of learning; cognition; cognition; learning and nationalism

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