Expert Image Professor Maurice Fraser
European Institute
Experience keywords: EU external relations, EU foreign policy, EU institutions, EU legitimacy, Europe, European identity, European politics, France, French politics, Transatlantic relations, the British Conservative Party, the Centre-Right in Europe, the West

Expert Image Dr Sara Hagemann
European Institute
Experience keywords: European Union, European politics, democracy, legislative behaviour, transparency

Expert Image Professor Simon Hix
Department of Government
Experience keywords: EMU, European parliament, European policy, European political parties, European politics, legislative procedures, public opinion

Expert Image Professor Sara Hobolt
European Institute
Experience keywords: European Union, European politics, elections, parties, referendums

Expert Image Dr Flavia Jurje
Department of International Relations
Experience keywords: EU foreign policy, European politics, emerging markets, global trade regulations, international migration, international trade, regional integration, trade agreements

Expert Image Dr Tim Oliver
Experience keywords: British defence policy, British foreign policy, British politics, European politics, European security, UK-EU relations, transatlantic relations

Expert Image Dr Jonathan White
European Institute
Experience keywords: European Union, European identity, European politics, democratic theory, partisanship, political sociology, public opinion, social theory

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