Expert Image Professor Emeritus Patrick Humphreys
Department of Social Psychology
Experience keywords: community health, decision making, decision support, networking, organisation, organisational transformation, planning, primary health care resource enhancement, problem solving, project management

Expert Image Dr Tom Reader
Department of Social Psychology
Experience keywords: decision-making, human error, leadership, non-technical skills, oil and gas, organisational culture, patient safety, safety, situation awareness, team mental models, teamwork

Expert Image Dr Emma Soane
Department of Management, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment
Experience keywords: decision making, employee engagement, leadership, personality, risk

Expert Image Dr Benjamin G. Voyer
Department of Social Psychology
Experience keywords: Advertising, Branding, Consumer behaviour, Cultural influence, Decision making, Leadership, Luxury, Market research, Marketing, Organisational psychology, Postconsumerism, Power, Psychology, Research methods, Self & Identity, Social Influence, Strategy

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