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Expert ImageProfessor Amitav Chakravarti
Department of Management
Experience keywords: consumer behaviour; multi-stage decisions; behavioural sciences; psychology of choice; generic advertising; screening & consideration sets; categorization & decision-making; consumer decision-making journey; decision interruptions; corporate social responsibility; judgement & decision-making; environmental psychology; consumer behaviour in high-uncertainty markets

Expert ImageDr Heather Kappes
Department of Management
Experience keywords: consumer behaviour; fantasies; motivation; imagination; goals; daydreams; self-discipline; mental simulation; self-regulation; visualization; goal pursuit; optimism; positive thinking

Expert ImageDr Benjamin G. Voyer
Department of Social Psychology
Experience keywords: Branding; Consumer behaviour; Luxury; Leadership; Strategy; Organisational psychology; Postconsumerism; Advertising; Cultural influence; Decision making; Market research; Self & Identity; Power; Social Influence; Psychology; Marketing; Research methods

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