Results for search term: Cold War.

Expert ImageProfessor Emeritus Michael Cox
Department of International Relations; LSE IDEAS
Experience keywords: special relationship; transatlantic relations; USA; Cold War; American power; international terrorism; 11 September

Expert ImageDr Vesselin Dimitrov
European Institute; Department of Government
Experience keywords: political transition; communism; economic transition; European Union; NATO; central Europe; eastern Europe; EMU; cold war; economic policy making; nationalism

Expert ImageDr Tanya Harmer
Department of International History
Experience keywords: Revolutions; Ideology; Cold War; Inter-American Relations; Dictatorships; Third World; Exile; Solidarity

Expert ImageDr Alessandro Iandolo
Department of International History
Experience keywords: history of economic development; decolonisation; Soviet Union (history); Cold War; Soviet foreign policy

Expert ImageDr John Kent
Centre for International Studies; Department of International Relations
Experience keywords: France; US foreign policy; cold war; British foreign policy; Middle East; international aspects; diplomatic aspects; British Defence Policy; decolonisation; Britain

Expert ImageDr Anita Prazmowska
Department of International History
Experience keywords: Eastern Europe; fascism; Poland; contemporary history; cold war; communism

Expert ImageDr Svetozar Rajak
Department of International History; LSE IDEAS
Experience keywords: socialism; Balkans; Cold War; communism; Eastern Europe; third world; non-alignment

Expert ImageProfessor O A Westad
Asia Research Centre; Department of International History; LSE IDEAS
Experience keywords: Chinese Communist Party; Russian foreign policy history; East Asian international history; Chinese foreign policy; cold war; third world revolutions

Expert ImageDr Angus Wrenn
Language Centre
Experience keywords: Anglo-Soviet literature; modernism; American literature; cold war; reception of British authors in Europe; comparative literature

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