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Expert ImageDr Tim Hochstrasser
Department of International History
Experience keywords: intellectual history; early modern Europe; Britain; history of music; France; European Enlightenment; historiography; history of political and social thought; Germany; 18th century

Expert ImageDr Peter Howlett
Department of Economic History
Experience keywords: former USSR; Britain; long term economic growth performance; modern economic history; second world war; economic history; human capital development

Expert ImageDr John Kent
Centre for International Studies; Department of International Relations
Experience keywords: France; US foreign policy; cold war; British foreign policy; Middle East; international aspects; diplomatic aspects; British Defence Policy; decolonisation; Britain

Expert ImageProfessor Emeritus Lord Layard
Department of Economics; Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)
Experience keywords: mental health; unemployment benefits; industrialised countries; Russia; inflation; Britain; wage behaviour; happiness/wellbeing; training; active labour market policy; education; economic problems; unemployment policy; unemployment

Expert ImageDr N Piers Ludlow
Department of International History; LSE IDEAS
Experience keywords: Britain; European integration; cold war history; history and development of the EU; Europe; transatlantic relations; Western Europe

Expert ImageDr Patrick Wallis
Department of Economic History
Experience keywords: Guilds; Quakery; medicine; Britain; Medical History; Apprenticeship; training; Human Capital; plague; epidemics

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