Expert Image Professor Catherine Boone
Department of Government, Department of International Development
Experience keywords: Africa, Comparative politics, Political Science, economic development, institutions, property rights

Expert Image Professor Matthew Engelke
Centre for the Study of Human Rights, Department of Anthropology
Experience keywords: Africa, Zimbabwe, human rights and asylum, religion and media, religion and ritual

Expert Image Dr Leigh Gardner
Department of Economic History
Experience keywords: Africa, economic development, institutions, local government, monetary policy, public finance

Expert Image Professor Jeffrey Golden
Department of Law
Experience keywords: Africa, US private placements, acquisitions, capital markets, debt offerings, derivatives, international equity, joint ventures, listings, mergers, swaps

Expert Image Dr Ryan Jablonski
Department of Government
Experience keywords: Africa, East Africa, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Somalia, clientelism, corruption, election violence, elections, experiments, foreign aid, international development, maritime piracy, program evaluation, statistics, survey design

Expert Image Professor Jonathan Leape
Department of Economics, International Growth Centre
Experience keywords: Africa, South Africa, capital flows, congestion charging, public economics, regulation, southern Africa, taxation, teaching and learning in higher education

Expert Image Dr Claire Mercer
Department of Geography and Environment
Experience keywords: Africa, NGOs, Tanzania, civil society, development , diaspora , middle class, migration

Expert Image Professor James Putzel
Asia Research Centre, Crisis States Research Centre, Department of International Development
Experience keywords: Africa, HIV/AIDS, Philippines, South East Asia, agrarian reform, democratic reform, development studies, failed states, political economy, post-war states

Expert Image Dr Morten Skovdal
Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science
Experience keywords: Africa, HIV/AIDS, Kenya, Zimbabwe, antiretroviral therapy, caregiving children, cash transfer, childhood, community, education, gender, masculinity, orphans, social rotection, stigma, young carers

Expert Image Dr Gisa Weszkalnys
Department of Anthropology
Experience keywords: Africa, CSR, agriculture, civil society participation, ethnography, expectation management, land, natural resources, oil, place, the state, urban planning, youths

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