Expert Image Professor Catherine Boone
Department of Government, Department of International Development
Experience keywords: Africa, Comparative politics, Political Science, economic development, institutions, property rights

Expert Image Professor Matthew Engelke
Centre for the Study of Human Rights, Department of Anthropology
Experience keywords: Africa, Zimbabwe, human rights and asylum, religion and media, religion and ritual

Expert Image Dr Leigh Gardner
Department of Economic History
Experience keywords: Africa, economic development, institutions, local government, monetary policy, public finance

Expert Image Professor Jeffrey Golden
Department of Law
Experience keywords: Africa, US private placements, acquisitions, capital markets, debt offerings, derivatives, international equity, joint ventures, listings, mergers, swaps

Expert Image Professor Jonathan Leape
Department of Economics, International Growth Centre
Experience keywords: Africa, South Africa, capital flows, congestion charging, public economics, regulation, southern Africa, taxation, teaching and learning in higher education

Expert Image Dr Claire Mercer
Department of Geography and Environment
Experience keywords: Africa, NGOs, Tanzania, civil society, development , diaspora , middle class, migration

Expert Image Professor James Putzel
Asia Research Centre, Crisis States Research Centre, Department of International Development
Experience keywords: Africa, HIV/AIDS, Philippines, South East Asia, agrarian reform, democratic reform, development studies, failed states, political economy, post-war states

Expert Image Dr Morten Skovdal
Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science
Experience keywords: Africa, HIV/AIDS, Kenya, Zimbabwe, antiretroviral therapy, caregiving children, cash transfer, childhood, community, education, gender, masculinity, orphans, social rotection, stigma, young carers

Expert Image Dr Gisa Weszkalnys
Department of Anthropology
Experience keywords: Africa, CSR, agriculture, civil society participation, ethnography, expectation management, land, natural resources, oil, place, the state, urban planning, youths

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