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Ticketed events

Please view each individual event weblisting for details of how to request tickets.   

Structural Opportunities in the US Economy
|Date: Wednesday 5 November
Speaker: Jason Furman
Tickets release date: Tuesday 28 October

The Need to Censor Our Dreams
|Date: Tuesday 11 November
Speaker: Professor Slavoj Zizek
Tickets release date: Monday 3 November

Poverty and the Pope
|Date: Wednesday 19 November
Speaker: Professor Jagdish Bhagwati
Ticket release date: Tuesday 11 November

A Conversation with Professor Muhammad Yunus|
Date: Friday 21 November
Speaker: Professor Muhammad Yunus
Ticket release date: Friday 14 November

The Languages of Migration
|Date: Wednesday 26 November
Speaker: Michael Rosen
Ticket release date: Tuesday 18 November

LSE Choir and Orchestra Christmas Concert| 
Date: Tuesday 9 December
Tickets are available to purchase now, please visit the weblisting.