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Ticketed events

Please view each individual event weblisting for details of how to request tickets.   

The Way Forward for Europe: a union of solidarity and differentiation?
Date: Thursday 24 September
Speaker: Emmanuel Macron
Ticket release date: Thursday 17 September

Entrepreneurship in Pakistan
Date: Thursday 1 October
Speakers: Sadriuddin Hashwani, Christina Lamb
Ticket release date: Wednesday 23 September

Migration and security challenges in the Mediterranean: every country for itself or a European response?
Date: Tuesday 13 October
Speaker: Angelino Alfano
Ticket release date: Tuesday 6 October

Creativity, Modernism and Tradition
Date: Monday 19 October
Speaker: Sir David Chipperfield
Ticket release date: Thursday 8 October

A Conversation with Ben Bernanke
Date: Wednesday 28 October
Speaker: Dr Ben S. Bernanke
Ticket release date: Wednesday 21 October

The Shifts and the Shocks: what we’ve learned – and still have to learn – from the financial crisis
Date: Monday 9 November
Speaker: Martin Wolf
Ticket release date: Thursday 29 October

Phishing for Phools: the economics of manipulation and deception
Date: Wednesday 11 November
Speaker: Professor Robert J Shiller
Ticket release date: Wednesday 4 November

Making News for the New World
Date: Thursday 12 November
Speaker: Lionel Barber
Ticket release date: Thursday 5 November

Postcapitalism: a guide to our future
Date: Wednesday 18 November
Speaker: Paul Mason
Ticket release date: Wednesday 11 November

LSE Choir and Orchestra Christmas Concert
Date: Tuesday 8 December
Ticket release date: tickets can be purchased now, please see event weblisting

Tackling Extreme Poverty through Programmes Targeting the World’s Ultra-Poor
Date Wednesday 9 December
Speakers: Sir Fazle Abed, Professor Oriana Bandiera,Professor Robin Burgess, Dr Mushtaque Chowhudry,Professor Esther Duflo
Ticket release date: Wednesday 2 December

The Power of Ideas: a discussion with David Harvey
Date: Thursday 10 December
Speakers: Professor David Harvey, Professor Michael Storper,Professor Jane Willis
Ticket release date: Thursday 3 December