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Ticketed events

Please view each individual event weblisting for details of how to request tickets.   

A Lecture by the Serbian Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vučić
|Date: Monday 27 October
Speaker: Aleksandar Vučić
All tickets for this event have now been allocated. Please see the event weblisting for details of the returns queue.

Making Markets Fair and Effective|
Date: Monday 27 October
Speaker: Dr Minouche Shafik
All public tickets for this event have been allocated. Limited number of tickets available for LSE staff and students at the NAB SU shop. Please see the event weblisting for details of the returns queue. 

The Slovak Republic in the European Union|
Date: Thursday 30 October
Speaker: Robert Fico
Ticket release date: Wednesday 22 October

Structural Opportunities in the US Economy
|Date: Wednesday 5 November
Speaker: Jason Furman
Tickets release date: Tuesday 28 October

The Need to Censor Our Dreams
|Date: Tuesday 11 November
Speaker: Professor Slavoj Zizek
Tickets release date: Monday 3 November

Poverty and the Pope
|Date: Wednesday 19 November
Speaker: Professor Jagdish Bhagwati
Ticket release date: Tuesday 11 November

A Conversation with Professor Muhammad Yunus|
Date: Friday 21 November
Speaker: Professor Muhammad Yunus
Ticket release date: Friday 14 November

The Languages of Migration
|Date: Wednesday 26 November
Speaker: Michael Rosen
Ticket release date: Tuesday 18 November

LSE Choir and Orchestra Christmas Concert| 
Date: Tuesday 9 December
Tickets are available to purchase now, please visit the weblisting.