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Ticketed events

Please view each individual event weblisting for details of how to request tickets.   

Dealing with China|
Date: Monday 11 May
Speaker: Hank Paulson
Ticket release date: Tuesday 5 May

Decolonising Gender|
Date: Monday 18 May
Speaker: Professor Raewyn Connell
Ticket release date: Monday 11 May

The Great Divide|
Date: Tuesday 19 May
Speaker: Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz
Ticket release date: Tuesday 12 May

A Lecture by Kevin Rudd|
Date: Monday 1 June
Ticket release date: Thursday 21 May

Irrational Exuberance: as relevant as ever|
Date: Monday 1 June
Speaker: Professor Robert J Shiller
Ticket release date: Tuesday 26 May

Misbehaving: the making of behavioural economics|
Date: Tuesday 9 June
Speaker: Professor Richard Thaler
Ticket release date: Tuesday 2 June

Above the Parapet – Women in Public Life|
Date: Tuesday 23 June
Speaker: Julia Gillard
Ticket release date: Monday 15 June