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LSE Space for Thought Literary Festival 2010


LSE Space for Thought Literary Festival: Off the Edge
Thursday 11- Saturday 13 February 2010

Will AlsopGiles FodenSusie OrbachMatt CcharmanJohn Lanchester
Lionel ShriverBen OkriColin Thubronc (c) Sally SoamesA S ByattWilliam Fiennes

We were delighted to hold a second Literary Festival at LSE this year. 

Half a century after C. P. Snow's two cultures, the arts and sciences remain distinct domains. While the social sciences might have built bridges, they each continue to occupy a space of their own. This festival aims to push those boundaries, exploring the edges of social science and asking what can be learnt in the borderlands between social science, natural science and the humanities about mind, self and society.

Latest News

*New* Watch a video of the innovative dance performance, re-forming space|, which was composed and choreographed for the Festival.

*New* Podcasts of many of the events in the LSE Literary Festival are now available online.

*New* Take a look at Winkball's coverage of the Festival's closing event with interviews and live footage: http://www.winkball.com/walls/Arts_Reporters/

*New* Jon Adams interviewed in the New Scientist discusses the Literary Festival's opening event:

Highlights included events with Will Alsop, Giles Foden, Susie Orbach, Lionel Shriver, Ben Okri, Colin Thubron and A S Byatt; an afternoon of events for children; a morning of creative writing workshops; and a collective recitation of the Declaration of Human Rights with artist Monica Ross. 

Other events at LSE inspired by the Literary Festival included an open-mic night and performance of Sweeney Agonistes organised by the Language Centre|, and an exhibition and series of talks in the LSE Arts |programme.


Download PDF version of Literary Festival Programme|

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