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Send us details of your forthcoming LSE events

You can submit a weblisting for your LSE event using this form. This service is free and is open to all members of the School community. It is an excellent way to publicise your event to both the School and the outside world.

Please send your submission at least seven working days before the event is due to take place. The weblisting will be processed within seven working days unless otherwise advised. Please note, at busy times we may not be able to process all weblistings submitted. At those times we will prioritise those for events in venues of over 100, but there may be times we cannot process any listing.  

Please note we only process listings for events on the LSE campus.

Please do not submit your weblisting unless you have full information about the event.  Incomplete submissions will not be processed.

If you are submitting an event for the first time please read the following guidelines before submitting your form:  Guidelines for submitting your events information to the Events Office|

  • Contact name for weblisting
  • Event Organiser name (if different from above)