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If you have any queries or feedback regarding the Ralph Miliband Programme, please contact Naomi Russell n.russell@lse.ac.uk|



The Ralph Miliband Programme

Convenor: Dr Robin Archer|, Director of the Postgraduate Programme in Political Sociology

The Ralph Miliband| Programme was set up in 1996 through a generous anonymous benefaction to LSE from a former PhD student, who had been inspired by 'Ralph Miliband's contribution to social thought'. He specified that the funding be used in memory of his friend and mentor 'to advance his spirit of free social inquiry' and the diversity of thought that has always been the hallmark of LSE.

The donor's wishes to continue Ralph Miliband's intellectual tradition are being carried out through a combination of public lecture series and the appointment of visiting teaching fellows. These fellows also give public lectures at LSE.

Additionally, Ralph Miliband's biography by Michael Newman, Ralph Miliband and the Politics of the New Left (Merlin Press, 2002), was launched as part of the Ralph Miliband Programme in October 2002 at LSE.