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The Ralph Miliband Programme

Convenor: Dr Robin Archer, Director of the Postgraduate Programme in Political Sociology

The Ralph Miliband Programme is one of the LSE's most prestigious public lecture series, receiving attention not only at the LSE but across London, the UK, and globally. It was set up in 1996 thanks to a generous anonymous benefaction from a former PhD student inspired by 'Ralph Miliband's contribution to social thought'. He specified that the funds be used in memory of his friend and mentor 'to advance his spirit of free social inquiry' and the diversity of thought that has always been the hallmark of LSE. 

War and Peace Series, 2014- 2015

Radicals and progressives of all sorts - liberals, socialists, feminists, internationalists and peace activists - have long played a leading role in opposing militarism and war. Yet, at times, many have also recognised the necessity of resorting to arms. Our lectures in 2014-15 aim to draw on the heightened public attention accompanying the centenary of the First World War in order to examine some of these progressive approaches to questions of war and peace and of militarism and pacifism. We hope to explore these questions not only in the countries that participated in the Great War but around the world a century later.

Upcoming Events: