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Information for Birkbeck staff and students

The campus

The School is centred on Houghton Street, near the junction of Kingsway and Aldwych. The School is made up of over 20 buildings, and teaching rooms are spread across the Campus. Each room on campus has a number preceded by a three-letter prefix for the building, the first number denotes the floor (eg OLD.6.06 = Old Building, Sixth Floor, CLM.2.05 = Clement House, second floor).

The main teaching blocks where Birkbeck classes are held are Old Building (OLD) on Houghton Street,  St Clements (STC) on Clare Market,  Clement House (CLM) on Aldwych,  Tower One (TW1) and Tower Two (TW2) both on Clements Inn, Connaught House (CON) on Aldwych,  20 Kingsway (KSW) on Portugal Street and the New Academic Building (NAB) on Lincoln's Inn Fields. For more information see Finding your way around LSE: room numbering and accessibility|.

Campus maps can be found in the entrances of all main buildings and security staff in main buildings can also offer directions.

Underground, trains and buses

Information on public transport including tube, bus and train lines can be found at Travelling to LSE|.


Main buildings

Old Building - Main Lodge is staffed by security 24 hours a day.

St Clements - Front doors open until 8pm (term time). Exit after this time is via the footbridge to the Old Building on the fourth floor.

Clement House - Front doors remain open until the last booking finishes.

New Academic Building - Security desk is permanently staffed. Use the main entrance to the NAB on the Lincoln's Inn Fields side, the Kingsway entrance is for LSE card-holders only

Outlying buildings

20 Kingsway  - The doors to this  building are open until 8pm - please ensure that you arrive at the building before that time. Once the doors are locked you can leave the building by pressing the button on the inside of the door where indicated, but access into the building is only available via Security.

Connaught House - Entrance before 7pm is from the Aldwych entrance, after which point the front doors are exit only. Once front doors are closed use the corridor from the Old Building on the second floor. This route has a lift to allow wheelchair users to access Connaught House.

Towers One and Two - for enquiries about access to the Towers, the reception desk in Tower Three is permanently staffed.

Any problems regarding access to rooms on the night should be addressed to the Main Lodge on ext 7111, or referred to Room Bookings at Birkbeck the following day so that they can be resolved promptly.

Disabled access

Clement House - is fully wheelchair accessible, with lifts to all floors and disabled toilets on alternate floors.

New Academic Building is fully wheelchair accessible with accessible toilets throughout public areas

St Clements Building - wheelchair access is via a ramp on the front of the building with lifts to all floors and accessible toilets on the ground floor

Old Building - wheelchair access is via the ramp at the front of the building with an accessible toilet on the ground floor near the entrance and on the Fourth Floor

Connaught House is accessible via front entrance and the wheelchair lift on the corridor into the Old Building on the second floor.

Please see Campus accessibility and map| for more detailed information.

Birkbeck liaises with LSE Event Services to ensure that access requirements for staff and students can be met. Some of the outlying buildings have steps and narrow corridors which make access difficult. For details of LSE's policy on disability please go to the Disability Office| website.

Teaching rooms and information

To help you find your classroom you can:

  1. Check online before you arrive - go to Birkbeck courses at LSE for listings of the each day's bookings and listings of all the courses being run by Birkbeck at LSE. It also has details of AV equipment that has been booked. This information is updated twice a day and is checked by LSE Event Services and Birkbeck College.
  2. Go to the entrance of the Old Building, St Clements and Clement House - the reception desks have up-to-date listings of the evening's bookings. In the Main Reception there are student stewards who can direct you to the rooms and answer questions about the campus.
  3. Electronic screens around the campus give listings of all the evening's events including Birkbeck classes.
  4. Outside each classroom (during LSE term time) is a sheet with all the days bookings listed. If there are any changes to the room bookings they will be listed on these notice boards outside the appropriate room.

Audio-visual equipment

All LSE teaching rooms have integrated PC, DVD and Video projection systems. LSE student stewards will show tutors how to use the equipment at their first session and leave instructions on how to use the equipment for future sessions - tutors must log out of the PCs and shut down the projectors at the endf of the classes

All rooms are visited by LSE Event Services' student stewards before classes begin to check the rooms are in a teachable state and that any equipment ordered is in working order

In the event of equipment breakdown or technical problems a member of AV staff is on duty until 7.30pm on ext 5300 or 5400 during LSE Term time. They can only attend to problems arising from the use of equipment that has been booked and do not provide 'last-minute' equipment.

Room use

All furniture must be returned to the standard layout indicated on the wall after teaching, no food and drink is to be consumed and please place all litter in the recycling bins provided.

Changes to room allocations

Where possible, LSE try to place classes in the same room each week to ensure consistency for staff and students. We also allocate rooms according to class size information provided to us by Birkbeck, and following their instruction as to access needs for disabled staff and students. Therefore, from time to time changes need to be made to room allocation for the following reasons:

  1. Term dates - Room availability is dictated by LSE teaching. It is not always possible to retain the same room throughout the length of a course, especially if the length of the course crosses the beginning or end of an LSE term.
  2. Birkbeck College may request a swap between courses to allow for access or special requirements that can't be provided in the current room.
  3. Redevelopment - LSE is undergoing several major redevelopment projects over the next few years, this will affect the availability of rooms throughout the course of the teaching year.

In the event of a room change:

  • Birkbeck will email staff and students informing them of the change.
  • LSE Event Services will produce a sign for the door of the old and new rooms and list the change on the booking sheets in the reception areas.

We try to minimise changes in order to limit disruption and confusion, but we do not guarantee that the same room will be consistently available.

Half term breaks/extra sessions (attention tutors)

If you decide to /are forced to make a break in your teaching due to illness or to allow for half terms etc please let Birkbeck know and they will make arrangements for extra sessions at LSE - Please do not arrange extra sessions assuming that the usual room will be free. If you turn up for a class in your 'usual' room without requesting extra sessions via Birkbeck, your 'usual' room will have been booked out to another user who takes precedence.

Trouble-shooting guide

'The classroom booked for my class is in use'

Check with the list of the day's bookings outside the room. Some bookings run right up to the scheduled start time of the booking. Any changes to the LSE timetable or Birkbeck teaching will be listed on the notice board.

'I can't use the equipment'

One of the stewards will check the room at the start of the class, they can assist you. You can also contact AV support on ext 5300 from any internal phone

'The room is locked'

Contact the Main Reception on ext 7111


In the event of emergency call the Emergency number 666 on any internal phone or go to the Main Reception


Sound the fire alarm at the nearest alarm point - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TACKLE THE FIRE UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN TRAINED TO USE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS - DO NOT PUT YOURSELF AT RISK. Do not collect valuables, Do not use lifts. Leave the building by the nearest fire exit and go to the assembly point (as advertised on fire safety notices around the buildings).

Accidents and illness

If an ambulance is required call 9-999 from an internal phone and then inform the Main Lodge on the emergency number 666 who will direct the ambulance on arrival.


The lifts have alarm systems and emergency phones which you can use to contact Security in an emergency.


LSE has an open campus in central London, please follow any security notices you see about the campus, for your safety and security. If you see anything suspicious please report it to a member of the Security staff.

Do not leave valuables unattended in teaching rooms or anywhere else on campus.