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Guidelines for submitting your events information to the Events Office

Your request is sent to the Conference and Events office for checking before being added to the listings. In order to ensure that listings are as reliable as we can make them when your request arrives we will check several things.

  • That you have given at least 7 working days notice before the event is due to take place, less than that is really a waste of our resources.
  • That your room is actually booked for your event for the times you propose.
  • That you are the same person as the person who made the room booking, hence you are the person responsible for the event and are thus eligible to give us this information.
  • That the contact details for queries are complete and are responded by someone who has info on the event. This is a really important one. People may have all manner of unusual queries about your event and if they can't get in touch with you then they usually end up calling us and we don't usually know the answer.
  • That your listing is complete and gives people the information that they want. The most common queries are - is it free? Do I need to register/ a ticket? Is it open to non-students, members only, general public etc. So answer these in your listing. For example public lectures publicity usually states things like 'The event is not ticketed, it is free and open to all' or 'This event is open to all but is ticketed, for a free ticket contact.....'

Some tips to consider:

  • Try to only submit listings for events for events that you think might realistically be of interest to other members of the LSE and/or the general public. Don't submit things like 'such and such society executive committee planning meeting' and so on. It might be a good way to let your committee know about it but it clutters up what should be a useful service for people. If we think a request isn't really of interest to others we'll refuse it
  • If your submission is accepted it will be processed within the next seven working days unless otherwise advised.
  • You will receive an email advising the listing is now on www.lse.ac.uk/events.  It is essential to check all information is correct on the listing. 
  • Please email events@lse.ac.uk if the event is subsequently cancelled or postponed so that the web can be updated. It is important to do this as people get very frustrated if they turn up to a cancelled event due to out of date information. 
  • You can also email us with updates however please note we can not guarantee that we will change your listing every time there is a change to your event.. Best practise is if you keep the listing is kept simple (with just the headline speaker or two) with a link to the website of your own department/society/organisation where people can go for the latest information.