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The Fight for Free Speech: forty years on

Index on Censorship 40th Anniversary Literary Festival event

Date: Thursday 1 March 2012 
Time: 7-8.30pm
Venue: Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building
Speakers: Pavel Litvinov, Michael Scammell
Chair: Jo Glanville

Acclaimed writer and founding editor of Index on Censorship |Michael Scammell and former Russian dissident Pavel Litvinov discuss the nature of censorship and the future of freedom of speech. It was Pavel Litvinov’s courageous public appeal to the West for help, during a Soviet show trial in 1968, that inspired the creation of Index on Censorship magazine, a forum for banned writers, artists and intellectuals in the struggle against censorship. Forty years on, as Index on Censorship celebrates its anniversary, this will be a rare opportunity to hear an illuminating discussion from two leading voices in the history of free speech.

Michael Scammell is the author of The Indispensable Intellectual|, the authorised biography of Arthur Koestler.  Pavel Litvinov is a writer, physicist and human rights activist.

Jo Glanville is editor of Index on Censorship.


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