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An Open Economy - the Progressive Response to Global Change

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LSE Department of Management Business in the Global Age lecture series

Date: Monday 4 February 2008
Venue: New Theatre, East Building
Speaker: John Hutton MP

Britain has long realised the best way to progress is to look outward rather than retreat inwards. In previous centuries, progressives responded to great social and economic change by moving to create an open society. In this lecture, Business and Enterprise Secretary, John Hutton will argue that the right progressive response to the scale and pace of global change facing Britain this century is to break down the remaining barriers that can hold people back by creating a truly open economy.

John Hutton was appointed secretary of state for the department for business, enterprise and regulatory reform in June 2007.

Update: this event was originally scheduled to take place Wednesday 10 January.

Podcast and Transcript

A podcast of this event is available to download from the LSE public lectures and events podcasts channel|.

A transcript of John Hutton's speech is also available to download.

Download: An Open Economy - the Progressive Response to Global Change| (pdf)

The next lecture in this series will take place on Tuesday 19 February and is entitled Stelios on Brands, Serial Entrepreneurship, the Environment and Giving Something Back!|