There are a range of awards available to help you fund your LSE Philosophy master’s degree. All financial matters are dealt with by the School’s dedicated Financial Support Office.

Approximately 19% of taught master’s offer-holders across LSE are successful in obtaining some form of financial support from the School. The value of support ranges in value from 10% of the tuition fee to a full fees and maintenance award.

Financial support for master’s-level study come from the following sources.

Graduate Support Scheme (GSS)

LSE makes available £3.2 million annually in the form of awards from the Graduate Support Scheme. The Scheme is designed to help students who do not have the necessary funds to meet all their costs of study. GSS awards range in value from £5,000 to a maximum of £15,000 and have an average value of £7,000.

In 2012, the School offered 8% of applicants an award from the Graduate Support Scheme.

The GSS scheme is open to all philosophy MSc applicants. Once you have applied for admission, you can access the LSE Graduate Financial Support Application via Graduate Admissions’ online application tracker.

In the event of your GSS application being unsuccessful you will be considered for any other Awards for which you are eligible.

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There are a range of internal and external awards available for master’s-level study. These awards are based on different criteria such as a specific programme of study, nationality, or country of permanent domicile.

The Financial Support Office maintains up-to-date information on awards offered by LSE and external organisations.

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We regret that the Department is unable to offer any additional advice on financial support for master’s study. For further information please contact the Financial Support Office.