The Department’s most popular BSc degree provides students with an opportunity to engage with deep questions about philosophy, logic and scientific method among some of the field’s top researchers, in a way that is both continuous with the natural and social sciences and socially relevant.

The BSc in Philosophy, Logic & Scientific Method is a rich and flexible degree. There are two required courses in your first year, after which you have your pick of philosophy courses and courses up to the value of four unites in any other subject at LSE.

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The First Year

*Please note that Formal Methods is a more demanding alternative to our introductory logic course. Only students with facility in formal reasoning (such as employed in mathematics or statistics) are advised to take this course.

In your first year, you take two compulsory core courses. The first of these, Reason, Knowledge and Values, gives a critical introduction to some of the central problems and classic texts of philosophy. The second courses introduces the basic system of modern formal logic, including propositional logic, predicate logic and the theory of identity. You also select further courses to the value of two units from the range of options offered by other departments.

The Second Year

In the second year you have the choice of Philosophy of Science or Philosophy of the Social Sciences. Philosophy of Science explores the different traditions in the philosophical understanding of the natural sciences. Philosophy of the Social Sciences deals with issues concerning the nature of social scientific theory and its applications.

In addition you take courses up to the value of three units from the Philosophy option list, one unit of which may be an approved outside option from a range of LSE departments.

The Third Year

3rd Year Courses
Either Four philosophy options or
three philosophy options and one approved option from outside the department

In the third year you can either take courses to the value of four units from the philosophy option list or you can take three units of philosophy courses and approved course(s) to the value of one from a range of LSE departments.

Philosophy Options

The following options may be chosen in order to satisfy the requirements above, (H = 1/2 unit).

Please note that where Philosophy degree programmes permit “options”, these must be selected from amongst courses at LSE. In general, only courses administered by LSE count towards our degree programmes.

This information is provided for guidance only. The definitive statement of all of the School’s regulations can be found on the LSE Calendar.