The ideas and skills you gain in a philosophy course are deep and wide-ranging and can be applied to almost any subject matter, providing a strong basis in creative thinking, critical reasoning, and persuasive writing applicable to most occupations and professions.

The following is a list of undergraduate courses sometimes taught in the department of Philosophy, Logic & Scientific Method. See the LSE Undergraduate Course Guides to confirm which courses are being offered this year.  
BSc Courses taught by Philosophy, Logic & Scientific Method (H = 1/2 unit) 
PH101 Logic
PH103 The Big Questions: An Introduction to Philosophy
PH104 Formal Methods of Philosophical Argumentation
PH201 Philosophy of Science
PH203 Philosophy of the Social Sciences
PH214 Philosophy, Morals and Politics
PH217 Set Theory and Further Logic
PH221 Problems of Analytic Philosophy
PH222 Philosophy and Public Policy
PH225 Business and Organisational Ethics (H)
PH227 Genes, Brains and Society (H)
PH228 Emotion, Cognition and Behaviour: Science and Policy (H)
PH230 Einstein for Everyone: From time travel to the edge of the universe (H)
PH232 Physics and the City: From Quantum Jumps to Stock Market Crashes (H)
PH301 Rationality and Choice
PH311 Philosophy of Economics
PH332 Effective Philanthropy: Ethics and Evidence (H)
PH341 Philosophy, Politics and Economics: Applications
PH399 Dissertation in Philosophy