We know how eager you are to select your courses, but you still have some time to make up your mind and can also attend a couple of lectures before finalising your choice.

You will be able to browse courses on LSE for You using the Graduate Course Choice option during Welcome Week. The browsing window opens on Monday 23 September at 10am.

You will only be able to select courses from 10am on Friday 27 September, after you have registered. You must finalise your choice by Monday 14 October at 5pm. It is not possible to change courses after this deadline.

Be aware that deadlines to select courses can be earlier for courses from other departments. Where regulations permit, you can take the equivalent of one unit from outside the Philosophy Department. Make sure you read through the course guide as taking outside options may require the approval from both your home and host department or background knowledge in certain areas.

Some Philosophy courses that have proven popular among students from other departments are access controlled, so that we can give priority to students registered with us. We would encourage you to select the Philosophy courses you are interested in during the first week. You can drop them during the first two weeks if you decide not to take them.  It may also be the case that you will also find out about your outside options during week 2 of course choice.

If you are interested in an outside option that runs in Lent Term and you may not know if you have a space on the course until January, you must select a back-up option during the main selection window to ensure you are registered on the right amount of units. Please make sure that this is also a Lent Term course as you will not be able to drop any courses for which you have received teaching.  If you get a space on your first option, you can drop the back-up unit.

If this all sounds confusing, don’t worry. We will cover this during your programme introduction in September.