The School’s main Welcome will be during the week from Monday 23 to Friday 27 September, but there are various social events for students arriving early.

Our departmental events will kick off on Friday 30 August for Economics and Philosophy students. We will meet in the Philosophy student common room at 12 noon for an informal introduction to the programme. You will have the chance to meet other students on the programme and can ask plenty of questions relevant to your programme.

Jumping forward to the end of September, we will hold a general MSc Orientation on Thursday 26 September at 13:00 in the Auditorium of our newest building on campus. This will be followed by individual programme orientations for Philosophy and Public Policy, Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of the Social Sciences. We expect that the orientations will be finished by 15:30.

On Friday all Philosophy Postgraduate Students are invited to a Postgraduate Lunch at 12:30 in the Kinta Alley in 32L. In the evening, you are invited to a general departmental orientation at 17:00 in the Old Theatre. This is directly followed by our Welcome Soiree for all students and staff in Philosophy and will take place in the Shaw Library.

Please be aware that these are the departmental welcome events and the School runs a number of additional events.