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Speaker(s): RK Pachauri
Chair: Professor Lord Stern

Recorded on 30 September 2009 at Peacock Theatre, Portugal Street

India is the world's fifth largest emitter of CO2, after China, the USA, the EU and Russia. But in relative terms, India is a low carbon economy, with per capita emissions about a quarter of the global average. In spite of projected growth in emissions, these are likely to remain below the developed country average. India is also one of the countries most exposed to the projected impacts of climate change, particularly on food production, water availability and coastal cities. Already 2.6% of GDP is spent each year on adapting to climate change. Compared with the industrialised world, India has a 'wider spectrum of choices' as it confronts the global threat of climate change, with a large potential for technological developments. This event brings together experts to discuss the business and policy initiatives in India on climate change.

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