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Non-Governmental Organizations, Management and Development

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David Lewis
Routledge (February 2014)

Non-Governmental Development Organizations have seen turbulent times over the decades; however, recent years have seen them grow to occupy high-profile positions in the fight against poverty. They are now seen as an important element of 'civil society', a concept that has been given increasing importance by global policy makers. This book has evolved during the course of that period to be a prime resource for those working (or wishing to work) with and for NGOs.  

The third edition of Non-Governmental Organizations, Management and Development is fully updated and thoroughly reorganized, covering key issues including, but not limited to, debates on the changing global context of international development and the changing concepts and practices used by NGOs. The interdisciplinary approach employed by David Lewis results in an impressive text that draws upon current research in non-profit management, development management, public management and management theory, exploring the activities, relationships and structure of the NGO.

This book remains the first and only comprehensive and academically grounded guide to the issues facing international development NGOs as they operate in increasingly complex and challenging conditions around the world. It is the perfect resource for students undertaking studies of NGOs and the non-profit sector, in addition to being an excellent resource for development studies students more generally.

David Lewis is Professor of Social Policy and Development at LSE. 

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"Professor Lewis has given us an indispensable text on the evolution of management ideas in international development. It is a domain full of tension between the forces of professional management and social activism. Lewis brings an anthropologist's sensibility to this inquiry, showing that the messy realities of development require NGOs to craft new pluralistic models of management."
Alnoor Ebrahim, Associate Professor, Social Enterprise Initiative, Harvard Business School

"'Management is management'. Maybe, but in the NGO world, where political, social and financial uncertainties are the default position, it isn't that straightforward. This important and wide-ranging book by a management challenges faced by NGOs, including NGO managers themselves."
Ian Smilie, writer, researcher and consultant on NGOs and international development.