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Revealing Indian Philanthropy

Ruth Kattumuri, Mathieu Cantegreil and Dweep Chanana (eds)
Alliance Publishing Trust (2013)

India is set to become one of the world’s leading producers of wealth. The country has a long tradition of giving and it should therefore come as no surprise if it also takes the lead in philanthropy. However, philanthropy in the country remains largely undocumented compared to other leading philanthropic nations.

From the role it played in supporting the establishment of modern India to the innovative work of recent years, philanthropy has played, and continues to play, a critical role in the development of the country. The current resurgence of Indian philanthropy shows us that there remains a culture of giving. This culture, replete with imagination and talent, should provide inspiration to philanthropists throughout the world.

This book sheds light on the great story of Indian philanthropists - a story that is often unknown, forgotten or misunderstood. In so doing, it offers an optimistic view of the state of philanthropy in the country and seeks to inform and inspire emerging
Indian philanthropists to build ambitious visions of what they can achieve.

  • Dr Ruth Kattumuri is Co-Director of the LSE India Observatory and Asia Research Centre.
  • Mathieu Cantegreil is Knowledge Manager in the Philanthropy and Value-based Investing team at UBS, AG.
  • Dweep Chanana is Director in the Philanthropy and Value-based Investing team at UBS, AG.

The publication can be downloaded at www2.lse.ac.uk/asiaResearchCentre/events/individual/2013/130610-Philanthropy.aspx|

Revealing Indian Philanthropy