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Growing the Productivity of Government Services

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Patrick Dunleavy and Leandro Carrera
Edward Elgar (January 2013)

Growing the Productivity of Government Services offers essential analysis and guidance on how to improve organizational productivity consistently over time, providing the first in-depth empirical treatment of the organizational productivity of unique national government agencies.

Dunleavy and Carrera first present an insightful analysis of UK taxation, social security and regulatory agencies, before exploring the role of IT and management changes in NHS hospitals. Throughout, the authors demonstrate how productivity growth in public services is closely linked to IT modernization allied with business process reorganization.

  • Professor Patrick Dunleavy is professor of political science and public policy in the Department of Government at LSE.

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'This book presents a welcome and sobering analysis of productivity performance in UK central government - a subject that has received remarkably little serious academic attention up to now, in spite of decades of general commentary on managerialism.'
Christopher Hood, All Souls College

'Leandro Carrera and Patrick Dunleavy have performed an amazing feat in this book through their rigorous examination of a thorny topic that has dogged pundits and academics alike. Just how efficient is government and how well does it do its job? As a result of an impressive - but accessible - set of data analyses, the authors make an authoritative attack on the proponents of the New Public Management, and offer some clear recommendations for reform based on better use of new technology.'
Peter John, University College London


Growing the Productivity of Government Services