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Global Financial Systems: stability and risk

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Jon Danielsson
Pearson (August 2013)

Global Financial Systems is an innovative, interdisciplinary text that explores the ‘why’ behind global financial stability. Jon Danielsson draws on economic theory, finance, mathematical modelling, risk theory, and policy to posit a coherent and current analysis of the global financial system.

  • Dr Jon Danielsson is Director of the Systemic Risk Centre and Reader in Finance at LSE.

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"Nicely and clearly written for an undergraduate audience…the book has a fresh perspective that will differentiate it from pre-crisis texts"
Professor Goodhart, Professor Emeritus, LSE.

"Global Financial Systems: stability and risk, looks to be an important book… it will appeal to those interested in regulation as well as those more on the regulatory side."
Professor Caprio, William Brough Professor of Economics at Williams College and Chair, Center for Development Economics.


Global Financial Systems