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The LSE Companion To Health Policy

Alistair McGuire and Joan Costa-Font (eds)
Edward Elgar (August 2012)

The LSE Companion to Health Policy covers a wide range of conceptual and practical issues from a number of different perspectives introducing the reader to, and summarising, the vast literature that analyses the complexities of health policy. The Companion also assesses the current state of the art.

Health policy is a wide-ranging subject covering many academic disciplines, but what most studies in health policy have in common is an interest in applying theory to improve practice. This Companion brings academic rigour to bear evidence on a range of central areas within health policy. It covers key issues on the quality, access and inequalities in health and health care; supply and health markets; insurance and expenditures; pharmaceuticals and new technologies: and aging and long-term care.

This unique Companion on health policy contains the most important features for health system reform at a time of funding constraints and will therefore hold great appeal for policy analysts and makers, students, academics and management professionals.

  • Professor Alistair McGuire is professor of health economics at LSE.
  • Dr Joan Costa-Font is senior lecturer in political economy at LSE.

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The LSE Companion To Health Policy