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La Reforma Necesaria: el futuro de las pensiones

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Nicholas Barr and Peter Diamond
El Hombre del Tres (2012)

Spanish translation of Nicholas Barr and Peter Diamond, Pension Reform: a short guide| (Oxford University Press, 2010).

Mandatory pension systems are a worldwide phenomenon. Many need reform. This book, a summary of a longer book, sets out an extensive but nontechnical explanation of the economics of pension design.

The book recognizes the multiple objectives of pension plans: consumption smoothing, insurance, poverty relief, and redistribution. Analysis includes discussion of labor markets, capital markets, risk sharing, and gender and family. This is supplemented by discussion of implementation, and of experiences, both good and bad, in many countries, with particular attention to China and Chile.

  • Professor Nicholas Barr is professor of public economics at LSE.

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'This volume distills the accumulated experience of two of the world's leading experts on pension policy. It reports on how a broad cross-section of nations around the globe have grappled with the varied and conflicting objectives of national pension programs. It is a splendid example of something all too rare - the marriage of the best of economic theory and politically and institutionally sensitive observational experience.'
Henry J Aaron, Bruce and Virginia MacLaury senior fellow, The Brookings Institution

'Two of the finest minds in the economics profession lucidly explain the theory and practice of pensions. They uncover the various trade-offs in designing and reforming pension systems in an imperfect world. While difficult, good reforms appear to be possible. I wish that this book had been available when I became interested in pensions. It would have saved me a lot of time and energy.'
Lans Bovenberg, scientific director, Netspar, Tilburg University

'I love this book. It is a concise and brilliant analysis of pension reform around the world. I recommend it as a primer for anyone interested in understanding the key issues and policy alternatives.'
Zvi Bodie, Norman and Adele Barron professor of management, Boston University


La Reforma Necesaria