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International Security, Conflict and Gender: 'HIV/AIDS is another war'

Hakan Seckinelgin
Routledge (19 June 2012)

This book challenges the conventional security-based international policy frameworks that have developed for dealing with HIV/AIDS during and after conflicts, and examines first-hand evidence and experiences of conflict and HIV/AIDS.

Since the turn of the century international policy agenda on security have focused on HIV/AIDS only as a concern for national and international security, ignoring people’s particular experiences, vulnerabilities and needs in conflict and post-conflict contexts. Developing a gender-based framework for HIV/AIDS-conflict analysis, this book draws on research conducted in Burundi to understand the implications of post-conflict demobilization and reintegration policies on women and men and their vulnerability to HIV/AIDS. By centring the argument on personal reflections, this work provides a critical alternative method to engage with conflict and HIV/AIDS, and a much richer understanding of the relationship between the two.

International Security, Conflict and Gender will be of interest to students and scholars of healthcare politics, security and governance.

  • Dr Hakan Seckinelgin is a senior lecturer in international social policy in the Department of Social Policy at LSE, and a research associate in Centre for Civil Society, the Centre for the Study of Global Governance and the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science at LSE.

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International Security, Conflict and Gender