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Advanced Outsourcing Practice: rethinking ITO, BPO and cloud services

Mary C Lacity and Leslie P Willcocks (eds)
Palgrave Macmillan (22 May 2012)

Mary Lacity and Leslie Willcocks have studied and worked with outsourcing practitioners for over 20 years. As the world's leading authorities in the field, the authors have assembled a rich database of over 2,200 outsourcing arrangements, studied across sectors and geographies, and over time, from inception, through contract signing, to outcomes.

This book provides unparalleled insight into the robust practices that have been proven effective time and again. As such, it serves as a vital digest of essential sourcing techniques. But the authors also point to impressive case evidence supporting the newest thinking, redirections, and advanced practices that produce business value beyond cost savings. Hence the authors aim at thoughtful, experienced clients and providers who are ready for a radical, evidence-based rethink.

Through this book leaders will master the advanced practices required to drive for and deliver the cost and efficiency gains, innovation and business advantages available from the various sourcing options now on stream. In particular, Lacity and Willcocks show how practitioners can optimize the strategic value inherent in offshore outsourcing, shared services, bundled services, impact outsourcing, advanced BPO, rural outsourcing, and cloud computing. This work will be a vital resource for all practitioners looking to reinvigorate, leverage and render strategic their outsourcing enterprise.

  • Professor Leslie Willcocks is professor of technology work and globalisation and director of The Outsourcing Unit at LSE.

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Advanced Outsourcing Practice