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The Social Psychology of Communication

Derek Hook, Bradley Franks and Martin Bauer (eds)
Palgrave Macmillan (23 March 2011)

The Social Psychology of Communication is the first comprehensive introduction to social psychological perspectives on communication. This accessible guide provides an overview of key theoretical approaches from a variety of different disciplines (including cognitive, developmental and evolutionary psychology) as well as practical guidance on how to implement communication interventions in differing contexts.

Divided into three parts covering theoretical perspectives, special topics in communication and applied areas and practice, the book features:

  • Navigational tools providing a 'how to' guide to using the book most effectively
  • A list of key words at the beginning of each chapter which are highlighted throughout the chapter for easy reference
  • A thorough glossary of keywords and definitions
  • A section on Special Topics in Communication including identity and resistance, rumour and gossip, evolution and communication

This book will be an invaluable resource for students, academics and practitioners in Psychology and Communication.

  • Derek Hook is a lecturer in the Department of Social Psychology at LSE.
  • Bradley Franks in a senior lecturer in social psychology at LSE.
  • Martin Bauer is professor of social psychology in the Department of Social Psychology at LSE.

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'A very timely book...the focus on the multi-faceted nature of the social and behavioural changes that are allied to communication processes is impressive'
Jaan Valsiner, professor, Department of Psychology, Clark University, USA

The Social Psychology of Communication