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China, the United States, and Global Order

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Rosemary Foot and Andrew Walter
Cambridge University Press (January 2011)

The United States and China are the two most important states in the international system and are crucial to the evolution of global order. Both recognize each other as vital players in a range of issues of global significance, including the use of force, macroeconomic policy, nonproliferation of nuclear weapons, climate change and financial regulation.

In this book, Rosemary Foot and Andrew Walter, both experts in the fields of international relations and the East Asian region, explore the relationship of the two countries to these global order issues since 1945. They ask whether the behaviour of each country is consistent with global order norms, and which domestic and international factors shape this behaviour. They investigate how the bilateral relationship of the United States and China influences the stances that each country takes. This is a sophisticated analysis that adroitly engages the historical, theoretical and policy literature.

  • Dr Andrew Walter is reader in international political economy in the Department of International Relations at LSE.

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'This is a very good book which will have a broad audience among political scientists, area specialists, diplomatic historians and the engaged public. It covers an important and timely topic, but does so with care and with an unusual amount of historical background.'
Thomas J Christensen, Professor of Politics and International Affairs, and Director of the China and the World Program, Princeton University

'This book is well-conceived, well-researched, well-reasoned and extremely well-written. One of its distinctive strengths is its linked analysis of interactions between Beijing’s global policy, Washington’s global policy and the evolving global order.'
Samuel S Kim, Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University

'Foot and Walter have produced a theoretically informed and compelling analysis of the all-important US-China relationship. These two distinguished IR specialists break new ground by situating the relationship within the broader context of the norms and structures of global governance.'
Michael Mastanduno, Nelson Rockefeller Professor of Government, Dartmouth University

China, the United States, and Global Order