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The Politics of the Police

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Robert Reiner
Oxford University Press (March 2010)
Fourth Edition

Robert Reiner, regarded by many as the leading academic writer on policing, draws upon the findings of police research to provide readers with a fascinating critique of the history, sociology, and politicisation of the police.

A stimulating and insightful discussion of the debates and controversies that surround the police, the author encourages readers to engage with the subject and to question established theories and perspectives.

An extensive bibliography is provided for those keen to broaden their knowledge of policing and the research undertaken by different scholars. An accompanying website provides updates and web links enabling readers to keep abreast of new developments between editions.

  • Robert Reiner is Professor of Criminology at LSE

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'The publication of the third edition marks an important rearticulation of the constabulary ethic and the doctrine of policing..the new encyclopaedists who follow in Reiner's wake will struggle to define the politics of policing for their time'
James Sheptycki, Durham University in Policing and Society

'This is a first class academic book that can be as engrossing as a novel, even for a non-expert on the subject. It will be of use to anyone who comes into contact with the police regularly and aid the understanding of anyone who has an opinion on any aspect of the police or policing.'
The Criminal Lawyer

The Politics of the Police