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System Innovation for Sustainability 4

Saadi Lahlou (ed)
Greenleaf Publishing (October 2010)

System Innovation for Sustainability 4 is the third of three books of case studies covering respectively the three key consumption areas of mobility, food and agriculture, and energy use and the built environment - responsible for 70 per cent of the life-cycle environmental impacts of Western societies - with the aim of stimulating, fostering or forcing change to SCP theory in practice.

This book examines, through a case study approach, opportunities to influence energy consumption in housing and buildings and thereby provide options for implementation at a macro, meso and micro level. A growing body of evidence shows that cases demonstrating action towards SCP in energy use in housing can inspire innovation through a range of actors. The cases include examples of steps towards the sustainable use of energy in houses and buildings, from ‘local experiments’, to ‘innovative communities’, to wider regime or non-local scale change in Europe and North America.

The ‘System Innovation for Sustainability’ series is the fruit of the first major international research network on SCP and will set the standard in this field for some years to come. It will be required reading for all involved in the policy debate on sustainable production and consumption from government, business, academia and NGOs for designers, scientists, businesses and system innovators.

  • Professor Saadi Lahlou is director of the Department of Social Psychology at LSE.

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System Innovation for Sustainability 4