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Carter-Ruck on Libel and Privacy

Cameron Doley, Alastair Mullis, Caroline Addy, Ian Helme, Harvey Starte, Jonathan Griffiths, and Andrew Scott
LexisNexis, 6th Edition (December 2010)

Carter Ruck on Libel and Privacy is the fully revised and renamed edition of this leading volume on the law governing publication and private interests. It offers comprehensive coverage of the substantive laws of defamation and privacy in England and Wales, details the legal practice and procedure in those areas, and gives an account of the comparable laws in over 60 other jurisdictions.

Dr Andrew Scott, LSE, authored six chapters in the entirely new part on privacy law. These focus on the themes of 'privacy and publication'; 'misuse of private information: the reasonable expectation of privacy'; 'misuse of private information: the ultimate balancing test'; 'remedies for misuse of private information'; 'harassment', and 'data protection'.

  • Dr Andrew Scott is a senior lecturer in law at LSE.

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Carter-Ruck on Libel and Privacy 6th Edition