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'These studies, in an original and comparative framework, offer creative and inspiring approaches to understanding youth violence, opening the way for new perspectives to address the needs and rights of the youth in Latin America and all over the world.'
Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro, Independent Expert of the UN Secretary-General for the global study on violence against children and Author of the World Report on Violence against Children (2006)

'This ground-breaking volume on youth violence in Latin America is holistic and balanced in scope, and contributes definitively to a complex and often contentious debate. It is highly recommended for researchers and policy makers alike.'
Caroline Moser, Professor of Urban Development, Global Urban Research Centre, University of Manchester, UK

'This collection offers a timely and path-breaking perspective on one of the most contested issues in Latin America today: crime, violence, and insecurity…Highly accessible and very readable, this work brings much needed nuance and perspective into the debate on youth violence, gang life, and interventions aimed at dealing with or solving this problem.'
Kees Koonings, Associate Professor of Development Studies and Latin American Studies, Utrecht University – The Netherlands

Youth Violence In Latin America: Gangs and Juvenile Justice in Perspective

Gareth Jones and Dennis Rodgers (eds)
Palgrave Macmillan (October 2009)

Criminal violence has come dramatically to the forefront in contemporary Latin America, to the extent that it is widely considered the critical social concern of the present. Youth are among the principal victims but also the primary perpetrators of this new panorama of brutality. At the same time, the phenomenon remains profoundly misunderstood, as sensationalist myths and stereotypes abound. Through the juxtaposition of wide-ranging, cutting-edge studies focusing specifically on youth gangs and the dynamics of juvenile justice, this volume provides a balanced and systematic comparative overview of the reality of present-day Latin American youth violence.

  • Gareth Jones is senior lecturer in development geography at LSE.
  • Dennis Rodgers is Senior Research Fellow in the Brooks World Poverty Institute at the University of Manchester, UK, and Visiting Senior Fellow with the Crisis States Research Centre at LSE.
Youth Violence In Latin America