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Two Suns in the Heavens The Sino-Soviet Struggle for Supremacy, 1962-1967

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Sergey Radchenko|
Stanford University Press (2009)

Cover of Two Suns in the Heavens: the Sino-Soviet struggle for supremacy, 1962-1967Using newly available archival sources, Two Suns in the Heavens examines the dramatic deterioration of relations between the USSR and China in the 1960s, whereby once powerful allies became estranged, competitive, and increasingly hostile neighbors.

Sergey Radchenko's authoritative account of these years shows how the intrinsic inequality of the Sino-Soviet alliance - seen as entirely natural by the Russians but bitterly resented by the Chinese - resulted in its ultimate collapse. Through a careful and comprehensive investigation of policymaking in both Moscow and Beijing, Radchenko creates a new framework for understanding the role of power struggle, ideology, personalities, and culture in Sino-Soviet relations.

Sergey Radchenko| is a fellow in International History at LSE.

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'Making excellent use of new archival materials, Sergey Radchenko illuminates a topic that we have known only in general outlines. Two Suns in the Heavens gives us a very fine understanding of the texture of the Sino-Soviet relationship, and of its twists and turns.'
David Holloway, Stanford University

'Two Suns in the Heavens represents a major contribution to the study of Sino-Soviet relations as well as the study of Cold War international history.'
Chen Jian, Cornell University