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The Future of the EMU

Leila Simona Talani
Palgrave Macmillan (16 January 2009)

The Future of the EMUAmongst the numerous issues surrounding European integration, perhaps there is none more fascinating than European monetary integration. The establishment of a European currency union and the adoption of the Euro are perhaps the two most important accomplishments of the EU. And yet monetary union entails huge economic, political and social consequences for political economy in Europe and beyond. As European integration continues apace, the future of EMU becomes ever more important. Can EMU help create a strong and integrated European community, or will it prove a hindrance to the EU project?

This book brings together the most established experts in the area to provide a comprehensive interdisciplinary perspective on the issues expected to face EMU over the next few decades, and to propose solutions to the challenges which may arise. As well as offering new and insightful contributions to the integration debate, the book is also policy-oriented, and aims to assess the future impact of EMU on various EU policy areas, such as trade policy and fiscal policy, and also its impact on political union and labour markets. With a wealth of fresh and innovative interdisciplinary perspectives on the future of EMU and on the EU integration process as a whole, this fascinating book is an essential companion for all wishing to gain a greater understanding of the challenges facing European integration in the decades to come, and the part which EMU will play in the future of Europe.

Dr Leila Simona Talani is a research fellow in the European Institute at LSE and a lecturer in European Politics at the University of Bath.

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