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Key Readings In Criminology

Tim Newburn
|Willan Publishing (September 2009)

KeyReadingsInCriminologyKey Readings in Criminology provides a comprehensive single-volume collection of readings in criminology. It provides students with convenient access to a broad range of excerpts (over 150 readings) from original criminological texts and key articles, and is designed to be used either as a stand-alone text or in conjunction with the same author's textbook, Criminology.


'By far the most comprehensive, contemporary and wideranging reader on the market. . . I have no doubt that it will prove very successful indeed' Dave Edwards (London Metropolitan University)

'It's a terrific collection and nothing nearly as good exists elsewhere' Jonathan Simon (University of California Berkeley)

'A lot of criminology for little money. It contains so many classics we want our students to read anyway, that it is fair to say it is an excellent buy for anyone studying criminology' Professor René van Swaaningen (Erasmus University, Rotterdam)

Tim Newburn is professor of criminology and director of the Mannheim Centre at LSE. 

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