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e-Governance for Development: a focus on rural India

Shirin Madon|
Palgrave Macmillan (29 October 2009)

Over the past few decades, there has been a rapid proliferation of eGovernance for Development projects aimed at introducing ICTs to improve systems of governance and thereby to promote development. In this book, the author unpacks the theoretical concepts of development and governance in order to propose an alternative conceptual framework which encourages a deeper understanding of macro and micro-level political, social and administrative processes within which eGovernance projects are implemented. The book draws on over fifteen years of research in India during which time many changes have occurred in terms of the country's development ideology, governance reform strategy and ICT deployment. Three case studies are presented, each specific to a different social sector and located in a different state within India, to expose the rich context within which eGovernance applications are implemented. The aim of this book is not to prescribe but to draw attention to the fact that technological solutions such as eGovernance should not overshadow the need to gain a deep understanding of the historical processes of development and governance that have evolved over time.

  • Shirin Madon is a Senior Lecturer in Information Systems and Innovation at LSE

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E-Governance for Development