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Creativity, Innovation and the Cultural Economy

Andy C Pratt and Paul Jeffcutt (eds)
Routledge (March 2009)

Cover of Creativity, Innovation and the Cultural EconomyThe aim of this book is to interrogate the relationship between creativity and innovation, and the cultural and creative industries. The main part of the book is taken up with industry/ practice specific case studies. It examines:

  • the nature of, or any similarity or differences between, a range of cultural and creative industries (film, new media, theatre, galleries, music, design, advertising)
  • whether it is valid to see the cultural and creative industries as the 'poster children' of innovation and / or creativity; or, are they as innovative and creative as the rest of the economy?

This book is different from most that have been written about the cultural and creative industries. Its main point of differentiation is that fact that it highlights the role of particular cultural industries within the sector; paying attention to organisation and to labour process issues. The collection is different from those focused on innovation and creativity as it is critical perspective critical of the 'magic bullet' concept of innovation and creativity. Our conception of these notions is one embedded in industry and place. Each chapter is written by an international expert in the field. The book is structured around six pairs of case studies with an introduction and conclusion that draws out debates between and across the chapters, and links them to wider debates.

This book presents a unique collection of studies of particular cultural industries, their organisation and operation, and how they are embedded in place and social networks. The book provides a double focus with innovation and creativity, and with the cultural and creative industries. The book will be useful to those studying innovation and creativity, as well as those who want case studies of creative and cultural industries. It will be of particular interest to geographers, planners and sociologists concerned with the localisation of cultural production. Finally, it will appeal to those with an interest in cultural studies and cultural policy.

Dr Andy C Pratt is a reader in Urban Cultural Economy in the Department of Geography and Environment, and director of the Urban Research Centre at LSE.
Paul Jeffcutt is professor of Management Knowledge and the founding director of Queen's University's interdisciplinary Centre for Creative Industry.

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