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Corporate Insolvency Law: perspectives and principles

Vanessa Finch|
Cambridge University Press (May 2009) Second Edition

Cover of Corporate Insolvency Law: perspectives and principlesThe first edition of Corporate Insolvency Law proposed a fundamentally revised concept of insolvency law, intended to serve corporate as well as broader social ends.

This second edition takes on board a host of changes that have subsequently reshaped insolvency law and practice, notably the consolidation of the rescue culture in the UK, the rise of the pre-packaged administration and the substantial replacement of administrative receivership with administration. It also considers the implications of recent and dramatic changes in the provision and trading of credit, the movement of an increasing amount of 'insolvency work' to the pre-formal insolvency stage of corporate affairs and the arrival, on the insolvency scene, of a new cadre of specialists in corporate turnaround. Looking to the future, Vanessa Finch argues that changes of approach are needed if insolvency law is to develop with coherence and purpose, and she offers a framework for such an approach.

Professor Vanessa Finch| is professor of law at LSE.

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