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‘I have rarely enjoyed a philosophy book as much. Voorhoeve’s bold effort really works. He cunningly brings ethical theory to life through insightful conversations with key philosophers and scientists. Not only do the issues come alive, but the participants do as well. Don’t miss the chance to eavesdrop on these conversations.’
Norman Daniels, Harvard University

‘This volume is an extraordinarily rich resource. Alex Voorhoeve has interviewed many of the most interesting and influential recent thinkers on ethical topics, expertly focusing on their core positions and arguments in a series of insightful philosophical dialogues. In doing so he has produced not only a comprehensive introduction to contemporary ethical thought, but also a real sense of the human beings behind the writings.’
Jonathan Wolff, University College London

'In the introduction to his first interview, Voorhoeve cites Nietzsche's dictum that all great problems demand great love. (...) Nietzsche was a hard man to please. But he would have felt some satisfaction had he encountered Voorhoeve's eleven interviews. His philosophers are passionate devotees of their own moral systems. They fight for their theories, defending them ferociously and lovingly. (...) Each of them argues his or her case convincingly. Almost always, one falls in with their reasoning--at least, this is what happened to me. But, of course, this leads to inconsistency. For the difference in their views is far too great. This is bewildering, and teaches us a good lesson: not to be unmovable in one's attachments to one's moral views. (...) As the book progresses, Voorhoeve shows how difficult moral calculation and justification of one's views to others is. (...) Puzzling and fascinating.'
Jan Greven, Trouw (a Dutch daily newspaper)

Conversations on Ethics

Alex Voorhoeve|
Oxford University Press (5 October 2009)

Can we trust our intuitive judgments of right and wrong? Are moral judgements objective? What reason do we have to do what is right and avoid doing what is wrong? In Conversations on Ethics, Alex Voorhoeve elicits answers to these questions from eleven outstanding philosophers and social scientists: Ken Binmore, Philippa Foot, Harry Frankfurt, Allan Gibbard, Daniel Kahneman, Frances Kamm, Alasdair MacIntyre, T. M. Scanlon, Peter Singer, David Velleman and Bernard Williams.

The exchanges are direct, open, and sharp, and give a clear account of these thinkers' core ideas about ethics. They also provide unique insights into their intellectual development- how they became interested in ethics, and how they conceived the ideas for which they became famous. 

Conversations on Ethics will engage anyone interested in moral philosophy.

  • Dr Alex Voorhoeve is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method at LSE

There will be an official book launch at LSE on Monday 16 November 6-7 pm in the Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building, followed by drinks from 7-8 pm in the Underground Bar, Clare Market. Please email Charles Rumsey at c.r.rumsey@lse.ac.uk| if you wish to attend this event.

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Conversations on Ethics