US Foreign Policy

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Michael Cox| and Doug Stokes (eds)
Oxford University Press (6 May 2008)

Three years in the preparation, this major new volume with over twenty three original chapters promises to become the international textbook on the subject. Published by Oxford University Press, it draws together a wide range of leading scholars including Brian Schmidt , Daniel Deudney, Walter LaFeber, John Dumbrell, Michael Foley, Peter Trubowitz, Toby Dodge, Michael Smith, James Dunkerley, Robert Patman, Peter Gowan, Paul Rogers, Robin Eckersley, John Ikenberry and Anatol Lieven.

US Foreign Policy deals with the rise of America, US foreign policy during and after the Cold War, and the complex issues facing the US since September 11th. The book is divided into four sections: historical contexts; institutions and processes; policies of the US towards different areas; and issues and debates.

Professor John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago has referred to the study as being 'simply the best textbook available on US foreign policy', while Professor Bill Wohlforth of Dartmouth College has argued that it has 'no peer rival'. Robert Singh of Birkbeck has been more laudatory still: 'This volume' he believes 'will rapidly become the gold standard for students seeking to understand the successes and failures of US foreign policy.'

To be published in May 2008, US Foreign Policy will be officially launched in September 2008 at the British International Studies Association US Foreign Policy Annual Conference to be hosted by IDEAS at LSE.

Professor Michael Cox is co-director of IDEAS and professor of International Relations at LSE.
Doug Stokes is senior lecturer in International Relations at University of Kent at Canterbury.

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'This is simply the best textbook available on US foreign policy. There are real differences in how the authors think about America's role in the world, which makes the book lively as well as smart.'
John Mearsheimer, University of Chicago

'Cox and Stokes have assembled a superb array of leading international scholars to produce the ideal guide to US foreign policy past, present and future. Marrying theoretical richness to institutions, policy and domestic American politics, this volume will rapidly become the gold standard for students seeking to understand the successes and failures of US foreign policy.'
Robert Singh, University of London

'This textbook covers the classic topics as well as key topics that are often overlooked. The combination of theoretical depth, empirical and topical breadth and accessible style puts it in a class by itself. I know of no peer rivals.'
William Wohlforth, Dartmouth College

'This textbook combines the talents of diplomatic historians, political scientists and international relations scholars from three continents. Carefully researched and clearly written, it is ideal for students new to US foreign policy.'
Steven Lamy, University of Southern California

'A provocative, broadly critical treatment of American foreign policy. This textbook greatly enhances understanding not only of policies but of how they are made.'
Robert Lieber, Georgetown University

'A terrific collection. Straight out of the top drawer.'
John Peterson, University of Edinburgh

'What distinguishes US Foreign Policy from other books on this topic is the breadth of the contributors and the depth and quality of analysis. This book will contribute importantly to enriching students understanding of America's role in international politics.'
Christopher Layne, Texas A & M University