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Metternich and Austria An Evaluation

Alan Sked
Palgrave Macmillan (January 2008)

Cover of Metternich and Austria: An evaluationThis is the first serious appraisal of Metternich's role in the Austrian Empire and beyond. Covering both domestic and international affairs, Sked presents a fresh and convincing description of Metternich's era and argues that despite his battered historical reputation, Metternich was the leading diplomat in Europe over four decades.

Dr Alan Sked is a senior lecturer in International History at LSE.

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'Sked needs no introduction: he is one of a handful of leading scholars on the Habsburg empire, as well as a marvellous writer, whose elegant style draws the reader painlessly through a rich text...It opens a door, as does no other work in English, to a fascinating and significant period of history, which, today, tends to be overlooked and is often misunderstood.'
Professor JR Gillingham, University of Missouri-St.Louis, USA

'This is easily the best book written on Metternich in the last quarter century.
Professor John Charmely, University of East Anglia, UK