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Information Systems and Outsourcing: studies in theory and practice

Mary Lacity and Leslie Willcocks
Palgrave Macmillan (19 November 2008)

Information Systems and Outsourcing covers nearly 20 years of leading theoretical and practical research on IT outsourcing by the two authors and their global network of 11 distinguished contributing authors. The book is organized chronologically to clearly show the evolution of theory and practice over time. The authors comment on which findings remain critically relevant versus which findings have considerably progressed.

The book explores how good IT outsourcing theories shape practice and how effective IT outsourcing practices inform theory. The authors stress, through their own empirical work, the importance of critically examining theories borrowed from economics, strategy, and sociology to study IT outsourcing. The practice studies, based on over 500 case studies, explore the decision processes and management practices associated with domestic, offshore, and global sourcing of IT services from both client and supplier perspectives.

Leslie Willcocks is professor of technology work and globalisation and director of the Outsourcing Unit at LSE.

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