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Another Europe? After the Third No

Gwyn Prins| and Johanna Möhring
LSE Mackinder Programme/Lilliput Press (September 2008)

Cover of Another Europe? After the third noSince 2005, the LSE Mackinder Programme has been conducting an extensive research project to investigate the deeper, long wave dynamics of the crisis that has now so visibly burst over the future of the project of European Union. After the French and Dutch electorates decisively rejected the EU Constitution at the polls in the summer of 2005 - the events which triggered the start of this project - the Irish delivered a resounding 'Third No' on 12 June 2008. That verdict has caused a political earthquake in Brussels and in the capitals of Europe. A call for the Irish to vote again, having given the 'wrong' answer, reveals sharply divergent visions of Europe's future.

LSE Mackinder has responded to this intriguing challenge by publishing a work of public scholarship as the first product of its research project. In this defining moment Another Europe? After the Third No is offered as a timely stimulus to debate about the future of the EU. Just as The Federalist papers of 1787/8 lent the stage to 'Publius' at an equally pivotal time in the history of the United States of America, the LSE Mackinder Programme now gives a public platform to his sister 'Publia', who, with her friend 'Lydia', jointly address the peoples of Europe on the future of their Continent. Following a classical format, their spirited exchanges are in fact closely constructed from the ideas and words of over seventy distinguished thinkers and political actors across the European Union. They expose two logically consistent if irreconcilable routes towards a democratically legitimate Europe.

Another Europe? After the Third No aims to bridge academic and popular discourse. It opens up all the key issues, with letters on all main substantive subjects from law and constitution to environment, finance, defence and foreign policy as well as the vital issues of identity, citizenship and reversibility. Another Europe? After the Third No was launched with a public lecture on the future of Europe by Professor Gwyn Prins, director of LSE Mackinder at Trinity College Dublin on 29 September.

Professor Gwyn Prins is the director of the LSE Mackinder Programme.
Johanna Möhring is a research officer in the LSE Mackinder Programme.

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