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The Oxford Handbook of Information and Communication Technologies

Robin Mansell|, Chrisanthi Avgerou|, Danny Quah|, Roger Silverstone| (eds)
Oxford University Press (April 2007)

The production and consumption of information and communication technologies (or ICTs) are becoming deeply embedded within our societies. The influence and implications of this have an impact at a macro level, in the way our governments, economies, and businesses operate, andat a micro level in our everyday lives. This handbook is about the many challenges presented by ICTs. It sets out an intellectual agenda that examines the implications of ICTs for individuals, organizations, democracy, and the economy.

Explicitly interdisciplinary, and combining empirical research with theoretical work, it is organised around four themes covering the knowledge economy; organizational dynamics, strategy, and design; governance and democracy; and culture, community and new media literacies.

It provides a comprehensive resource for those working in the social sciences, and in the physical sciences and engineering fields, with leading contemporary research informed principally by the disciplines of anthropology, economics, philosophy, politics, and sociology.

  • Robin Mansell is professor of new media and the internet at LSE
  • Chrisanthi Avgerou is professor of information systems at LSE
  • Danny Quah is professor of economics at LSE, and
  • Roger Silverstone was professor of media and communications at LSE.

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