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Over to You, Mr Brown: how Labour can win again

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Anthony Giddens
Polity Press (28 March 2007)

In 1998, Anthony Giddens published The Third Way, a book that had a far reaching impact upon the evolution of New Labour in the UK, and upon left of centre policies in other countries too. Today, nearly a decade later, Labour stands again at a decisive point in its history. A change of leadership can help reinvigorate the party, but winning a fourth term of government will be impossible without reinvigorating Labour's ideological position and policy outlook.

What form should these innovations take? The author argues that the core emphases that have sustained Labour's hold over power for three successive terms must be maintained. For instance, it would be electoral suicide to abandon the political centre-ground, which is where the majority of voters locate themselves. However, Labour's policies should be radically reshaped in areas where they have been unsuccessful, and where new problems have now come to the fore. The biggest barrier to securing a fourth term is not Tory renewal, but public disaffection, which at the moment extends to all politicians. Labour should present itself as a party of substance, the only one capable of leading the country through a time of far-reaching change. The party should adopt what the author calls a Contract With the Future - a policy programme that puts the country in a strong position to face the new challenges that are all around us.

Written in an accessible way for the general reader, the author's account of how this aim might be achieved will be of interest to everyone concerned to map out a future for Labour politics. 

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Book launch

To mark the launch of this book, Professor Giddens takes part in a discussion at LSE on Wednesday 28 March. Speaking will be: Anthony Giddens, author of New Labour's 'bible', The Third Way, former director of LSE and a Labour peer; Tessa Jowell,  secretary of state for culture, media and sport; Peter Riddell, a columnist on The Times; Polly Toynbee, a political and social commentator for The Guardian; and David Willetts, shadow secretary of state for education and skills. Public Events|

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Review of the book, Over to You, Mr Brown: how Labour can win again, by Anthony Giddens, former director of LSE. The book will be launched at a the School in a special event on Wednesday 28 March.