Market Devices

Yuval Millo|, Fabian Muniesa, Michel Callon
Blackwell Publishing (September 2007)

This edited volume addresses the crucial role that instruments and procedures play in the construction and operation of markets. Market devices cover a wide array that ranges from mathematical pricing models to merchandising tools, from trading protocols to aggregate indicators. However, in spite of its centrality, the topic of market devices has been often overlooked in the sociological and institutional analysis of markets and market-related phenomena. The contributions in this volume explore new potential directions of research about market device; they explore how market devices are assigned with economic calculative capacities; they observe the part they play in the marketability of goods and services; and they analyse the performative aspects of knowledge and expertise embedded in market devices. The works collected in the volume reflects the work done in the emerging field of social studies of finance; a field that combines conceptual and methodological elements from social and organisational studies of accounting, economic sociology and science and technology studies.

This edited volume is published in the Sociological Review Monograph Series and includes contributions from Sandrine Barrey, Daniel Beunza, Michel Callon, Koray Caliskan, Franck Cochoy, Raghu Garud, Claes-Fredrik Helgesson, Petter Holm, Hans Kjellberg, Vincent-Antonin Lépinay, Javier Lezaun, Alexandre Mallard, Yuval Millo, Fabian Muniesa, Kåre Nolde Nielsen, Martha Poon, Alex Preda and Ebba Sjögren.

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