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Journalism, Science and Society Science Communication between News and Public Relations

Martin W Bauer| and Massimiano Bucchi
Routledge (October 2007)

The commercialisation of knowledge and research poses a challenge for science communication. The difference between fashion, furniture, and facts of say global warming is blurring from the point of view of public communication. The firewall between marketing and other forms of communication is crumbling. When scientific information makes the headlines, we need to ask how and why does it get there, and how is that changing?

This book edition explores the secular trend from science reportage to Public Relations. With every research lab deploying a professional media function, scientific news runs the risk of being driven by corporate spin that creates myths and churns out 'bullshit' rather than public enlightenment. The 26 contributions of leading observers, science writers and public relations professionals from around the globe explore the changing operating rules and the shifting powers between news reporting and public relations.

The book appears as volume seven of the Routledge Studies in Science, Technology & Society and sets a new agenda for an empirical enquiry with global relevance: the changing logic of science communication and its consequences.

Martin W Bauer is reader in Social Psychology and Methodology at the LSE Department of Social Psychology, where he directs the MSc Social & Public Communication, and is affiliated with the LSE BIOS Centre.
Massimiano Bucchi teaches sociology of science at University of Trento, Italy, where he chairs the Science & Society Programme. He is co-director of 'OBSERVA - Science & Society' (Vicenza).

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